The Pomeranian is a double coated breed for a reason.
Their coat is much of what is indicative to the breed specifically,

and helps regulate the body temperature.
If you plan on shaving or cutting off the coat of a Pomeranian from Ragdoll Poms,

then you need to seek a dog from someone else.
We have strived for 20 years of selective breeding to have coats on our Pomeranians.
Please Fill out our Purchase Application to be considered for a Ragdoll Pomeranian.
Purchase Application

Nothing Available at this time


Write Shalon at Ragdollpom@aol.com if further interested.

Due to inquiries from buyers that have no intention on following through on a purchase,
We will answer serious emails only, and will set up a time for a phone call.
Please be advised before inquiring about our available Poms."
One line emails will not be answered.


Other Available Poms

Any puppies advertised below are owned by other breeders
Please contact them for any questions



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